Kegco KC D4743T-SS Polished Single Faucet Draft Beer Tower, 3″ Column

$75.24 (as of November 17, 2017, 2:15 am) $64.95

This is a high grade single faucet Polished Stainless Steel Draft Beer Tower with a 3″ size column. This product is very popular for outdoor or industrial applications. This tower comes complete with a chrome plated faucet and 5 feet of 3/16″ clear beer tubing that ends in a nozzle and hex nut assembly that links to all basic keg couplers.
3″ Diameter Polished Stainless Steel Column
Single Beer Faucet with Chrome-Plated Brass with Brass Lever
Connects to All Basic Keg Couplers
Home brew Sets and accessories

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