Kegco 2FT650SS Double Faucet SS Draft Beer Tower w/Perlick 650SS SS Faucets

$197.71 (as of November 17, 2017, 2:15 am)

Specifically designed with 100% stainless-steel contact components, this NSF-approved Kegco 2FT650SS Double Faucet 3″ Diameter Refined Stainless Steel Draft Tower comes total with two Perlick 650SS Stainless-steel Flow Control Faucets and two 5′ lengths of 3/16″ clear beer tubing with nozzle and hex nut assemblies.
The ultimate in style and sanitation, it is compatible with all basic keg couplers and is safe to utilize with draft beer, wine, kombucha, and iced coffee systems.

Kegco Double Faucet



This draft beer tower consists of 2 Perlick 650SS Stainless-steel Circulation Control Faucets, which have an all stainless steel construction that assists make them among the most hygienic faucets on the marketplace today. These faucets also feature Perlick’s advanced seat-forward design, which keeps internal parts from being exposed to air to reduce bacterial build-up and prevent the lever handle from sticking. Circulation control faucets have a special circulation control handle that enables you to adjust the limitation for hard-to-pour brands, minimize the quantity of foam when pouring into a frosted glass, and slow the flow when putting sampler glasses, flights, and growlers.This tower comes with 2 black faucet knobs, and can be mounted utilizing the gasket and four screws that have actually been consisted of.

Perlick 650ss Flow Control Ss Faucet