EdgeStar KC1000SS Craft Brew Kegerator

$349.00 (as of November 17, 2017, 1:45 am)

Maintain your craft brew cold and all ready to draw with the personalized EdgeStar Craft Mixture Kegerator (KC1000SS). This compact sized kegerator is created to fit one 6th barrel or one Cornelius keg, in addition to a packed CO2 container inside. The KC1000SS comes equipped with every one of the necessary elements had to store and dispense a beer keg. Many thanks to the interior circulation follower, the KC1000SS will succeed at cooling your drinks to as reduced as 32 ° F without freezing them, while aiding maintain an also temperature level within the device. The strong stainless-steel door integrated with the blue LED interior lights and electronic thermostat provide a modern and also sleek look that compliments any type of area.

Kc1000ss Edgestar Craft Brew Kegerator



The KC1000SS comes geared up with an integrated lock to help make sure that this kegerator will always maintain your craft brew kegs well protected.

Interior illumination: The appealing blue LED indoor lighting aids set the tone for your kegerator as well as offer a special look when accessing the unit.

Relatively easy to fix door: Make use of the EdgeStar Craft Mixture Kegerator’s reversible door to optimize any area to your preference.

Comes with a drip tray: Prevent any wanted overflows from spilling on to your flooring and also keep your terminal looking beautiful.

* When vacant, it is advised that you maintain the temperature between 35-38ºF. Measurements: 32.7″ H x 17.5″ W x 20.1″ D.