BrewDemon Signature Beer Kit

$99.00 (as of November 17, 2017, 1:45 am)

Makes 2 gallons of beer in simply 2 Week!
Consists of the World’s very first little batch conical fermenter
Features our most popular top-of-line all malt recipe (4.6% ABV).
Likewise includes adjustable spigot, stick-on temperature gauge, venting plug, bottles, caps, labels, mixing spoon, bottle filler and hose.
Completely reusable.



World’s first 2-gallon cone-shaped fermenting system.
This innovative fermenter enables you to brew beer like the pros, however in smaller sized batches.
The outcomes are excellent; extraordinary tasting beer made by a system that’s user friendly and simple to clean.
Entirely recyclable. Kit includes your first batch of beer. Now is the time to begin brewing expert quality beer.
Kit includes: Cone-shaped Fermenter, Fermenter Base, Adjustable Circulation Tap Assembly, Venting Plug, Stick-on Temperature Gauge, Our Most Popular Signature Dish, Dry Brewing Yeast, One Action No-Rinse Cleanser, Recyclable Amber 1 Liter Plastic Bottles – 8 pcs, Caps & Labels – Bottle Filler & Pipe, 18″ Heat Tolerant Plastic Mixing Spoon.
Easy to Follow Brewing Direction.
Malts are handcrafted by our brew master at the well-known Speight’s Brewery.

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